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Morrison- Gospel of Mark

The Morrison BF Class is open to anyone. We have members who are in age from high school to senior citizens. Families enjoy studying the Bible together and it is encouraging to see people interacting with people in different age groups. We have socials at least once per quarter, and are devoted to Bible study and prayer.

Genesis is the book of beginnings. The first 11 chapters are all about four great events and the last 39 are about four great men. In Genesis we learn about the origins of creation, sin, families, salvation, Israel, and so much more. Most importantly we see Jesus throughout this book, and this will change the way we view the rest of Scripture. The book of Genesis is extremely important as the foundation book on which the rest of the Bible is built.

On Sundays @ 9:00 AM
Room CW3305
Advance, NC 27006
Morrison, Jerry

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