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Lennon - The Conquer Series

The Conquer Series is a powerful DVD based cinematic study that is transforming the lives of men around the world. This study contains Biblical teaching and proven principles to help men conquer sexual struggles and other addictions in order to walk in freedom. Dr. Ted Roberts, host of the Conquer Series, has personally counseled over 10,000 men with a 90% success rate. He's taken this proven Biblically-based process and incorporated it into the Conquer Series. Dr. Roberts’ real and raw approach is unique. He takes us through a journey of discovery, laying out spiritual strategies, presenting scientific facts and, in military style, teaching men how to use the weapons God has given them to prevail against the enemy of their souls. Having battled and triumphed against sexual temptation himself, Dr. Roberts gets it. His message is bold and direct, but also gracious and loving.

Whether they are faithfully staying the course or whether they are secretly struggling with sexual temptation, the lessons in this DVD curriculum are something every man will benefit from. The Conquer Series is designed for men’s small groups, but is also ideal for self-study. Included are action-packed cinematic reenactments based on Dr. Roberts’ battle experience as a US Marine aviator, mind-blowing interviews with brain experts and empowering testimonies by famous male Christian role models, who each inspire us to keep fighting and remind us that any man can become more than a conqueror through Christ, regardless of how many times he’s failed.

On Sundays @ 6:00 PM
Room B2104
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Lennon, Dennis

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