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Morrison-1st and 2nd Thessalonians

Starting 1/15/2020!

(This class is also offered on Sundays)

Is Jesus coming back? Yes! The theme of I Thessalonians is the coming of Christ for the Church. Every chapter of this epistle contains some positive reference for the promised return of Christ and its significance to believers. We will study this important letter in light of the effect that Jesus' return should have on every believer's conduct and spiritual growth.

The theme of II Thessalonians is the Church and the Day of the Lord. Paul wrote to explain the persecution they were suffering, to correct a misunderstanding concerning the imminence of the Lord's return, and to encourage the disorderly and the disobedient to live a life of self-control. These two letters were important to them, and are to us, as Paul teaches how the Church should walk in holiness, harmony, honesty, hope and helpfulness. From this study, the Holy Spirit, through Paul, will give us encouragement in suffering, enlightenment in teaching, and enablement in living.

On Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM
Dining Room B
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Morrison, Jerry

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